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West Ham fan banned from football for three years and fined £400 for racially abusing Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah during Premier League clash at the London Stadium

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For 3 years after he pleads guilty to racial harassment of Liverpool for Mohamed Salah, a member of the United West Ham was banned from watching matches.

Bradley Thumwood, 48, was handed a suspension on Tuesday after a 2-0 incident in West Ham by Liverpool at London Stadium after his appeal before the Thames Magistrates' Court.

A male voice can be heard crying: "Salah you f * * * * * Muslim, in a video that was taken during this Premier League meeting. Muslim F * * * * * * * * * *. F * * * * off. "Off."

The racially aggravated Section 5 public order was sentenced by Thumwood, and the football stadium prohibition was also fined £400. A victim surcharge and a payment of £215 was also demanded.

'Thumwood was issued with a three-year Football Banning Order and fined £400. He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge and costs amounting to £125,' the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

West Ham vowed to take a 'zero-tolerance approach' to any future incidents of a similar nature but also said they will look to educate Thumwood to reform his views.

'The club works closely with Kick It Out and our fan group BAME Hammers,' a club spokesperson said.

'In conjunction with those parties, the club will offer educational sessions to the individual in question in an effort to reform their views, whilst reserving the right to uphold their indefinite bans, should those efforts prove unsuccessful.'

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