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‘Stressed’ Mum, 24, ‘Accidentally’ Hanged Herself to Get Her Boyfriend’s Attention After They Argued

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A YOUNG woman who was scared that her lover didn't love her enough, hanged herself after arguing the night before, and heard an investigation today.

Ella Lomas, 24, was discovered by her boyfriend Bradley after they had a "tiff" at a wedding, suspended from the stairs at her home in Fair Oak, Hants.

The mum-of-one was a high-achiever who, despite not having completed university and working alongside her career, was taking tests to become a chartered accountant.

The trainee accountant was either trying to "make a gesture" or was "crying for help" at the inquiry in Winchester, Hants, the hearing was told, and did not plan to take her own life.

She had admitted in an intense talk with her mum the days before: "My level of expectation on how someone can love me is too high." I don't accept that Bradley loves me anymore.

"In a tweet, Lindsay Johnstone, Ella's mum, said:" She was recently depressed, which was due to different items. A high-level accountant running a family, she was the primary breadwinner.

"Unfortunately, she had missed an exam in January, but she had already re-booked it for March 9, and in January she had prepared herself for failing this."

Ms Lomas’s mum told how her father, Jason Lomas, had been arrested on suspicion of serious offences and his relationship with his daughter had not been good, which had caused her upset in the days before her death.

Devastated boyfriend Bradley told the coroner in a written statement how they had met while Ms Lomas was working at the Switch Nightclub in Southampton and they had later had a daughter together.

In his statement, Bradley said: “Our relationship was perfect. We loved the simple things in life, as long as we were together.

“Ella had never done anything like this to make me worry about her in this way, which is why I think this was never meant to happen.”

Summarising his evidence, Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, the area coroner said: “From the moment they met, they were together all the time. He quite obviously absolutely adored her and felt that she was his soulmate.

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