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OMG! Kanye West Urinates On Grammy, Declares 'Black Masters Matter'

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Kanye West posted disturbing video of himself urinating on a Grammy Award to attempt to regain the rights to his own songs as he 'goes into battle' against labels Universal and Sony.

On Wednesday afternoon the rapper, 43, shared the vision to his Twitter account showing one of his 21 Grammys put inside a toilet tank.

'Trust me... I WON'T STOP,' West captioned the clip, which referred to his current bid to gain ownership of his masters - otherwise known as the copyright to his original songs.

On Monday, West began criticizing the music industry system, declaring that artists simply had little to no influence because much of their work was controlled by major labels.


He threatened his Universal and Sony labels, and promised not to release any new music until he was released from his contracts with them.

West also savaged the tight contracts that black NBA players were under in a stinging tweet on Tuesday, stating:' The music industry and the NBA are modern day slave ships. I am the new Moses.

Taking Twitter again on Wednesday morning, the rapper echoed the sentiment, claiming: 'Without black people there is no NBA or music industry... Fair contracts count ... Property matters'.

West also shared the screenshots of a private deal he signed with Universal back in 2011, just minutes after he tweeted: 'I feel so humble and fortunate that God put me in a good enough role to do this ... All is still hoping .. It's working ... This morning, I am on my knees.'

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