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Meet Neymar's 11-man Gang Being Paid £10k-per-month Each To Follow Him Around

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PSG star Neymar transcends the world of football, enjoying the glitzy showbiz lifestyle of a true celebrity.

From attending elite fashion parties to taking fancy holidays, the Brazilian superstar knows how to live.

And if you're lucky, you will be part of Neymar's inner circle, called the 'parcas' in his homeland, who indulge in the high-life with him.

Parcas is a slang term in Portuguese meaning 'partners', and just like Vinny Chase in US TV show Entourage, the footballer has a group of pals he trusts more than anyone else.

Enter the world of one of the most famous sports stars on the planet.


There's a popular joke in Brazil that if you're Neymar's friend, you won't feel the current economic and unemployment crisis that's sweeping the country.

And these live-in mates are reportedly all on the payroll, earning around £10k-per-month from the former Barcelona star.

Gil Cebola, Jota Amancio and Carlos Henrique are key members of his entourage, each providing a different role within 'Team Neymar'.

They all live with him in the posh Paris suburb Bougival, in a mansion worth millions.

Cebola worked briefly as his agent, before assuming his role as chief photographer, managing Neymar's live broadcasts and videos on social media.

Off the back of that, Cebola has launched a clothing brand, a tattoo shop and an events production company.

He now has over 500,000 followers on Instagram, and was selected by Google to photograph an ad campaign in Brazil in recent years. It pays to know Neymar.

Amancio, who calls himself Neymar's personal adviser, is perhaps closest to the forward.

Footballers like Neymar are stars on a completely different level. It's insane. It's like a huge cult

The pair played together in the youth ranks at Santos, and he is akin to a "brother" to the footballer.

"We met when we were only 13 years old and since then we have grown up together," Amancio told Marca.

"We lived in the same house for seven years, we studied together, and until 2010 we played in the same team,"

While Henrique appears to be the brains of the trio, looking after his pal's commercial and business interests off the pitch.

The three were seen partying with Neymar in Las Vegas, alongside Serena Williams, a host of stunning models and UFC Octagon Girls Jhenny Andrade and Camila Oliveira, while Brazil were playing in the Copa America in 2016.

For Neymar's 26th birthday his friends also helped him organise a party at the exclusive Pavillion Cambon in Paris, where guests included Lewis Hamilton, Brazilian Ronaldo, and Victoria's Secret beauty Izabel Goulart.

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