Friday, 06 March 2020 10:13

Man Who Sexualized Daddy Freeze’s 5-year-old Son Arrested

Written by Boma Bravura Al
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Few days ago, Daddy Freeze shared a picture of his 5-year-old son on Instagram and a man made a comment that sexualized the little boy.

This got Daddy Freeze infuriated and the OAP started looking for the man to get him arrested.

Reacting to the man's comment on his son's picture, Daddy Freeze wrote:

"Let’s cleanse our social media of these kind of people like @dannyyung01
My son is 5 years old how can these thoughts even cross the mind of an adult?
A child of this age should not be sexualized either male or female. I’m so angry � �
Please let’s find this pedophile, expose him, it’s way too risky to have people like these roaming free.
Thank you. ~FRZ"

Now, Daddy Freeze has given an update on the man who Sexualized his young son. Sharing photo of the man in front of a police station, Freeze wrote:

Thank you everyone, he has been apprehended and is currently being interrogated by the police.
He works with a popular security firm who will be making an announcement latest tomorrow, regarding this incident.
Thank you all for your support as we work together to create a world that is safe from sexual predators.


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