Friday, 13 September 2019 13:33

Lagos State Govt. Slams Actress, Iyabo Ojo With N38M in Taxes

Written by Boma Bravura Al
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Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo is almost at the verge of shutting down her shop over excessive Taxation by Sanwo Olu's goverment in Lagos State,
PearlsNews reports.

The Yoruba actress, who is a single mother of one is crying out to her fans to beg the government to pity her or she might resolve to early retirement.

Iyabo posted the Tax papers sent to her office on Instagram and captioned it:

"Well! it's so sad that I may have to finally close down my business soon �..... because I don't even know how or where to start this negotiation with Lagos State from, I'm still struggling with making profit, after paying rent, salaries, maintenance, electricity, local & state govt taxes in different categories & levy, I hardly make little or no profit .... My fellow Nigerians I have been asked to pay almost 38m for my Personal income tax to Lagos state� ALMOST 38M NAIRA ......... Personal income bawo? #Lagosstate how? 2014 - 2017 I was still struggling with my small business in Ikeja like I'm still even doing now, or is it from my acting that we are poorly paid or from where now? pls can someone help me explain how they arrive @ this calculations, almost 38m naira, please you people should kuku sell me, my self & I � i dont even know where you want me to get this kind of money from ....... E ma gba mi ke @jidesanwoolu ni bo ni mo ti fe ri iru owo to po to yii? seriously I'm not understanding @ all o, I be single mother with plenty bukata oooo, I'm confused ........... retiring looks like the next option o ��‍♀ because doing business is very frustrating in Nigeria."



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