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Introducing Tola Guinea Fowl Ventures, the Roast Birds Company of Choice For Socialites

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Many a party goer will attest to the fact that Roast Birds and Small Chops have become a crucial part of menus for almost any event or occasion. Some will even go as far as saying a menu is not complete if there is no small chops and/or roast birds on it.

The popularity and demand for roast birds and small chops have directly resulted in the birth and formation of brands who provide these much asked for delicacies. These brands are a dime a dozen these days as almost every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to be expert at roasting birds.

However, one brand has risen above all others by setting a standard that is focused mainly on three key pillars which are Speed, Constant Quality and Total Customer Satisfaction. Tola Guinea Fowl Ventures is head and shoulders above it's competition.

Tola Guinea Fowl Ventures was established way back in 1991 by Tola Adigun who initially started roasting birds as a hobby. He started taking the entire thing seriously the following year when he kept getting positive feedback from old clients and referrals.

Now, Tola Guinea Fowl Ventures is arguably the most in demand roast birds and small chops brand in Lagos. Their offices are located in Shomolu but they are so good and highly regarded that they get orders from all over Lagos, and I really mean all over Lagos.

On a regular and even slow day at Tola Guinea Fowl ventures they receive nothing less than 25 orders while on a very busy day that number skyrockets to as much as 40, sometimes more. What's more, that's just for weekdays. On a slow weekend they get nothing less than 150 orders from different clients and on busy weekends they are swarmed with over 400 orders.

The General Manager and Head of Operations of Toal Guinea Fowl, Mr Ahmed Aderinwale, when questioned about the secret of their success and impressive growth had this to say:

"To be honest we really owe it all to our customers-new and old alike-the love and loyalty they show us is just simply amazing. We have scores of customers who patronize us daily and weekly without fail. Also, I must commend our CEO and leader, Mr Tola Adigun; who continues to remind us daily that we must put the customers first and ensure they are satisfied every single time they come to us. Really we must attribute our success to our CEO and customers!"

He further added that the brand was planning something big for all their customers this Christmas. He revealed:

"I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet but we are 'cooking' up something special for our customers, that's all I really can say now. " He concluded.

We managed to track down an active client of theirs who is actually a very renowned Event planner and organizer and one of Tola Guinea Fowl Venture's oldest clients. Unfortunately she only agreed to speak to us under the cover of anonymity.

"I met Tola himself at an event I organized way back in 2004, I outsourced the small chops and roast food contract and he was selected. I had absolutely no influence on the selection process and had never heard of him or his brand before that fateful day, though I had full confidence in my consultant.

Well, he didn't take him very long to begin impressing me; the very first thing that made me study him and his team a little bit more closely was the quality of their service. Particularly the way Tola himself went about his business, he served and presented his delicacies to each guest as one might serve Royalty. A lot of guests were quite taken with him and when they finally took a bite from their platters they found even more reason to love him."

She went on:

"The birds were all well roasted and expertly spiced and the chops were a taste of heaven. Right there in front of me guests were already asking for his number. To cut a long story short; I have been using him for all my events since then and over the years we have even become close friends, as he is very honest and sincere with every single one of his clients. I myself have personally recommended him to various friends and colleagues alike and I have never been disappointed or put to shame as they always deliver on time."


She rounded up with:

"In all these years I sincerely can't remember an occasion where I was let down, forced to loose my temper or even get anxious about getting my orders and brand. I think this says a lot about him and his brand."

Well, there you have it, there are two morals to this story-the first is hardwork, consistency and a real passion for you do are all important qualities when chasing successful in business and in everything one does. And the second one is: when you need expertly prepared roast birds and small chops, you'd better call Tola Guinea Fowl ventures.

Click here to visit their website and place your first order, thank me later!

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