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Don't Share Toilets With Bobrisky - DG, Arts and Culture, Runsewe Warns

Written by Boma Bravura Al
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In order to avoid health problems that might lead to multiple infections, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, the DG of the National Council for Arts and Culture, has called on the Nigerians to refrained from sharing public bathrooms with Bobrisk.

He called the newsmen in #Abuja in a recent conversation. He believed that 70% of Bobrisky's socialitis can spread unknown diseases to others who share the same facilities with him, as he described him as a health threat to humanity.

He noted that for Nigeria and Nigerians Bobrisky poses a serious health threat. Runsewe cautioned travelers and tourists to be careful wherever their presence is recognized, particularly because it affects public sharing.

According to him: ”Women are more prone to getting various types of disease from the toilet than sexual intercourse. Now Bobrisky would enter the same toilet with a woman and at the end the woman would contract some kind of diseases.

When she gets home and sleeps with the husband and the husband discovers he has been infected, the next thing is to divorce that woman that shared same toilet with Bobrisky, without knowing the actual cause of how the wife got infected.”

Bobrisky case, he reiterated, would increase the rate of divorce among couples, adding that issues surrounding Ebola spread started due to lack of ignorance on the part of Africans. ”Bobrisky is not a joke but a dangerous hazard,” the DG lamented.

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