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Americans Chant "Vote Him Out!" at Trump and his Wife at The Late Justice Ruth Ginsburg's Funeral

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US President, Donald Trump, was greeted with boos and chants of "vote him out" as he attended the outdoor memorial service for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the late Supreme court judged who died last week setting up a political battle between the Republicans and Democrats as to her replacement.

On Thursday, September 24, Trump and Melania visited Ginsburg's casket at the Supreme Court, but others who were there to honor the late justice chanted as the president stood near Ginsburg's casket with First Lady Melania Trump.

Ginsburg's dying wish, as her granddaughter relayed, was to have her seat filled by the next president. Should the president's nominee be confirmed by the Senate, conservative-appointed justices will outnumber liberal-appointed jurists by a 6-to-3 margin.

Ginsburg became a feminist icon for many American women, beginning her career as an advocate for women's rights and then ascending to the court, where she was a voice for the rights for many marginalized groups. The devotion of her fans has resulted in lines of mourners outside the court this week to honor her life.

Trump attended the second day of services honoring Ginsburg. His pledge to quickly nominate her replacement has upset liberals.

Trump said later that he and the first lady couldn't hear what was being chanted.

"Well I think that was just a political chant, I couldn’t — we could hardly hear it from where we were. Somebody said there was some chanting, but they were right next to the media. But really couldn’t hardly hear too much,” Trump said Thursday afternoon on his way from the White House to a campaign rally in North Carolina. “We heard a sound, but it wasn’t very strong.”

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